Photobook Week Aarhus 2017
21—24 Sep


The Icelandic

Find this and many other great exhibitions
around 6 venue in Aarhus, free for everyone.

Photobook Week Aarhus celebrates its 4th edition in 2017 from September 21st to 24th.

In this edition, Photobook Week Aarhus concentrates on distribution and markets. Using a regional axis, which maps the Scandinavian practice in the global context, we will discuss themes related to publishing, distributing, buying, trading, and collecting photobooks. There will also be a focus on urbanism and landscape, which will include architectural practices, as well as an exhibition on Icelandic photobooks.

Gerry Badger will be keynote speaker. Lectures will be held by Katrin Elvarsdottir, Tom Nielsen, Carsten Juhl and Hein Heinsen, among many others.

The main hub of the festival will be the Aarhus School of Architecture, together with venues such as Galleri Image, and Aros Aarhus Art Museum. In this edition, Photobook Week Aarhus will reach out to new publics with an event called Design Night and start a collaboration with Unseen Book Market in Amsterdam.

Of course, we continue to offer our Dummy Doctoring Workshop, the gallery talks, and the selection of shortlisted dummies from both the FotoBookFestival Kassel and the Nordic Dummy Award. Local and international booksellers will offer the best from their shelves for reasonable prices, and the workshop programme will be continued.

As a special feature for Photobook Week Aarhus 2017, Thomas Wiegand will curate an exhibition on Michael Schmidt’s photobooks, to be shown at Aros Aarhus Art Museum, and present the lecture Collecting Photobooks: Schmidt & Company.

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  • Book Fair
  • Design Night at B&O and Verpan
  • Coffee with the Publishers
  • Book launch at Galleri Image: Constructs, by Lotte Fløe Christensen
  • Book Presentation: Den Østjyske Millionby


  • Photobook Dummy Doctoring Workshops
  • Cyanotype Workshop (Godsbanen/Mørkekammeret)


  • Crowdfunding the Photobook
  • Getting it out there. Publishing and Distributing the Photobook
  • Collecting Photobooks
  • Photobook Case Studies
  • The Librarians’ Choice by Irene Attinger
  • The Photobook Archive of the National Library
  • Artist talk: Hein Heinsen, Scale Art
  • Artist talk: Carsten Juel-Christiansen – Monument og Niche
  • Lecture: Danish Suburban Architecture of Late Modernity
  • Lecture: The Danish Art Scene of Late Modernity
  • The Generic City and the Suburban Architecture of Late Modernity


  • Aarhus School of Architecture
  • ARoS Kunstmuseum/ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
  • Verpan
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Godsbanen (Mørkekammeret).